A strong export partner

Ever since the wind energy industry took its first tentative steps, Denmark has held a leading position on the global market as regards both knowledge and technology.

In 2013, with a view to reinforcing the Danish knowledge brand and supporting the wind power companies’ international sales even further, the Danish Export Association and Wind Denmark (formerly the Danish Wind Industry Association) decided to merge their wind export activities and create a shared commercial unit. A unit tasked with establishing a strong platform to support the export business of more than 300 member companies, and serving as a catalyst for international growth.

The result was Danish Wind Export, an association based in Silkeborg, Denmark, that stepped proudly into the arena on 1 January 2014.

The power of community

Danish Wind Export is built on the philosophy that unity equals strength, and that a good network is a crucial key to success. We are therefore committed to facilitating the efficient sharing of know-how and information between companies – through our three peer to peer groups and shared export initiatives, for example.

10+ export drives every year

Danish Wind Export’s value creation activities are founded primarily on the ten plus export drives we arrange annually, including participation in wind power trade fairs all over the world, usually under the shared umbrella of “Pavilion of Denmark”. We also organise targeted delegation tours and shared trips to a variety of seminars and conferences.

Do what you do best

In connection with the trade fairs and other events to which we mediate access on a regular basis, we at Danish Wind Export handle a wide range of administrative and practical issues, before, during and after the event itself. The premise is quite simple: you, as a participant, should focus exclusively on networking, making presentations and selling. We take care of pretty much everything else.

Wishes are welcome

Do you have any ideas, wishes or requests regarding topics, markets, trade fairs, conferences, delegation tours or anything else that is not already included in our diary of events? If so, you are most welcome to contact us.


Søren Rasmussen
Managing Director
+45 4022 0311
Susanne Toft
Export Coordinator
+45 6020 8558
Dorota Knudsen
Export Consultant
+45 6020 8566

Our owners

Wind Denmark is the leading policy, industry and network organisation for the wind energy sector in Denmark, representing more than 3,100 members.

Wind Denmark covers the entire value chain, both onshore and offshore, and encompasses wind turbine manufacturers, utilities, developers, turbine owners, research institutions and companies that supply components, services and logistics to the wind energy sector.

The Danish Export Association helps Danish B2B companies increase their international sales by facilitating networks within key industries which represent manufacturers, consultants and service providers in Denmark.

The association is a non-profit, member-owned and member-driven organisation with 600 members that supply a variety of industries.

Not a memeber yet?

To enjoy the full benefits of the Danish Wind Export platform, your company should be a member of at least one of our owner organisations

You can contact these organisations directly via the websites

Business partners

Danish Wind Export works closely with government ministries, embassies, trade fair organisers and other partners who can help open doors for the Danish wind energy sector in their particular fields. Danish Wind Export is actually a member of the exhibitor council at many of the biggest trade fairs in the industry, and can therefore directly influence themes, seminars, workshops and the like.