16.03.2022 - 18.03.2022

Wind Expo 2022



9,250 DKK per m2 before Grant
7,000 DKK per m2 after Grant


35,000 DKK per Poster before Grant
28,500 DKK per Poster after Grant

Coordination fee

4,900 DKK

Grant has been given

Booking / Cancellation

We are aware that there still is quarantine period of 10-14 days to enter Japan and therefore it will be difficult to decide whether to go to Japan or not at present.

Therefore, we will accept bookings for the event on the following terms:

Booking is open now and cancellation is free of charge for now.

End January 2021 will we revisit the companies that have signed up for Wind Expo to catch up with you on travel status. Based on the status end January will we decide whether to make the Pavilion and on what final terms it will be. Hereafter this will be presented, and you will confirm/cancel your participation at that point. Hereafter the booking will be binding.

Available seats

There are 10 available seats


Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo Japan

Participating companies:


Co-financed by:

Pavilion of Denmark at Wind Expo 2022 part of World Smart energy week

Join Danish Wind Export and our Pavilion of Denmark concept in Tokyo, Japan. With our concept Danish Wind Export offers:

Turnkey booth solution

Poster booth option

Co-exhibitor option

Prime location

Joint service area with refreshments for you and your guests and lunch for you as an exhibitor every day during the fair

VIP exhibitor dinner or/and side event (TBC)

Exhibitor meeting prior to the event

Joint promotion during the show


Poster stand:
Are you considering visiting this event? Enjoy the benefit of networking at close hand, while your company gets exposure from the new poster stand opportunity. With a poster stand you will promote your company, get entrance to the event, have an area for meetings and enjoy the full-service package from the Danish Wind Export staff onsite.

Why attend Wind Expo 2022?

Wind Expo is the largest annual show in Asia outside of China. This is the place where many stakeholders from a large part of the region is meeting to talk wind, find suppliers, clients and partners.

Here you will meet stakeholders operating with

  • Marine/offshore construction
  • Transport and Logistic
  • Small Wind
  • Installation onshore / offshore
  • O&M – service onshore
  • Management consulting
  • Project development and consulting
  • Training and related services

About Wind in Japan

Japan is the world's 5 largest emitter of CO2, and they want to be CO2 neutral in 2050, and as part of this transformation Japan will undergo a large green transformation with a 30 GW in 2040, and already now Japan is considering lifting this target to 45 GW. To be able to reach this goal Japan is looking for building up a supply chain for the Japanese offshore industry.
Companies such as Vestas, Ørsted, Tepco, Iberdrola, CIP, Equinor, Jera and J-Power all have focus on the offshore prospects in Japan.

Japan has besides its offshore plans already many installed onshore turbines with a great O&M potential as many of the turbines are of Danish origin.



Stand options:

Turnkey booth

A Turnkey Booth at Pavilion of Denmark is the quickest and easiest path to success at an exhibition.

Danish Wind Export takes care of the exhibition system, as well as construction and disassembly of your stand. In practice, this means the stand is ready and waiting for you to staff it and lay out your exhibition products, brochures, give-aways and so on. Turnkey Booths are available in sizes from 9 m2.

Raw space

If you prefer to design and build your own exhibition stand at Pavilion of Denmark, you can choose a Raw Space stand instead.

Under this arrangement, you simply rent the desired floor space (min. 20 m2) and take care of constructing, furnishing, running, disassembling and cleaning your stand yourself. You will need to clear the design and furnishing of the stand with Danish Wind Export in advance.

Poster stand

With a Poster Stand, we provide you with wall space for your exhibition message. We also make available around 2 m2 of floor area in front of the wall space, including a bar table where you can interact with potential customers.

You do not need to keep your Poster Stand staffed throughout the exhibition. This type of stand is perfect for new exhibitors keen to test the effect of participating in an exhibition. A Poster Stand is also the ideal choice for exhibitors who are trying out a new market and want to raise their profile a little higher than they could by simply attending the trade fair as a visitor.


A Co-exhibitor solution is the perfect choice if you would like to highlight a subsidiary, a local agent, a subcontractor or similar at an exhibition.

This supplementary service provides the extra exhibitor with independent marketing space in the exhibition catalogue. It also includes separate access passes, lunch, use of shared facilities and more.

Søren Rasmussen
Managing Director
+45 4022 0311