09.04.2024 - 10.04.2024

Haugesund (NO) bottom fixed and floating wind offshore delegation 2024


11.900 DKK delegation tour (person/company) after grant*

3.500,00 DKK for second person/company

*) We already got the grant from the Trade Council

Min. 7 companies required for this event.


Included in the price:

Local transport, lunch and networking receptions, all meetings

NOT included in the price:

Hotel accommodation, and flight


Haugesund, Norway

Participating companies:

  • Danish Wind Export Association

Co-financed by:

See list below of Norwegian actors who have (per November 2023) actively stated interest in meeting (specific) Danish companies at this delegation

Network and gain insight into Sørlige Nordsjø II (bottom-fixed) and Utsira Nord (floating wind) tenders

Gain deeper insights into the second tender round for Utsira Nord (UN) and Sørlige Nordsjø II (SNII) in Norway during a delegation trip tri-organized by the Trade Council in Oslo, Haugesund Shipowners' Association, and Danish Wind Export (DWEA). We expect that participating companies will gain a deeper understanding of the upcoming tender rounds for Utsira Nord (UN) and Sørlige Njordsjø II (SNII). As well that you have a chance to strengthen network development with a particular focus on port expansion, infrastructure/logistics, and collaboration and knowledge exchange in the North Sea region.

This joint export promotion is aimed at Danish companies within offshore wind and is a special opportunity for players within offshore floating wind (FOW). Recent ESA-approved state aid for FOW technologies opens support for several small commercial FOW projects in connection with the ongoing offshore wind tender processes in NO, including Sørlige Nordsjø II (bottom-fixed) and Utsira Nord (floating wind).


Description of program ambitions

The delegation follows up on three key aspects: 1) the political declaration for increased cooperation between Denmark and Norway in areas such as offshore wind; 2) the previous DWEA delegation trip to Oslo in 2021; and 3) the recent Achilles pilot project with Danish wind industry participants at a workshop in Norway in September 2023

The initiative will span over two (2) days, with visits and activities based at Haugesund Shipowners' Association. Haugesund will facilitate networking sessions in collaboration with relevant companies within their close partner, the Maritime Forum.

The program will include presentations from Haugesund and networking activities, including matchmaking sessions with the opportunity for company pitches from both Danish and Norwegian actors. Norwegian actors potentially include Deep Wind Offshore, Source Galileo, Deep Ocean, Fred Olsen, Equinor. Following this, the program will offer ample opportunities for B2B meetings. Haugesund has expressed great interest in welcoming Danish companies in the offshore wind sector.

The program will hence focus on companies' opportunities to establish contacts, clarify expectations, and explore possibilities. There is also an expectation of a site visit/company visit. The program will as well include a brief presentation about potential follow-up activities, conferences, meeting places, and more in the future.


Offshore market in Norway

The Norwegian government has set an ambition to achieve offshore wind production on the Norwegian continental shelf by 2030. In this context, projects such as Utsira Nord and Sørlige Nordsjø II have been launched.

Recently, ESA approval for state aid for Floating Offshore Wind (FOW) technologies opens the door to support for several small commercial FOW projects in connection with ongoing offshore wind tender processes in Norway, including Sørlige Nordsjø II (bottom-fixed, 1500 MW) and Utsira (floating wind, 1500 MW).

Despite the delay in the tender process due to ESA approval, and the allocation of the first offshore wind areas becoming possible in the new year, the ambition remains to have the first turbines operational by 2030. The first tender round closed November 15, 2023 and contained bids from Aker Offshore Wind, BP & Statkraft; Equinor & RWE; Hydroelektrisk selskab; Mingyang Smart Energy; Norseman Wind; Parkwind & Ingka; and Shell, Lyse & Eviny. The announced auction date is February 24, 2023.

The timing of the delegation trip allows participating companies to be part of the second tender round for SNII and UN, where Danish developers are expected to participate.


List of Norwegian actors who have actively stated interest in meeting (specific) Danish companies at this delegation

Registration form (sign-up) for this delegation includes your chance to state who you are vice versa interested in meeting

  • Deep Wind Offshore
  • Karmøy Kommune
  • Utsira Kommune
  • Advokatfirmaet Eurojuris Haugesund
  • Karmsund Havn
  • Source Galileo Norge
  • Marine Aluminium
  • Reach Subsea
  • DeepOcean
  • Other


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For further information please contact:

Anna Meinert Risager

Eksportrådgiver i Energi på Danmarks Ambassade i Oslo


+47 22 54 07 97

Julia Pipaluk Byrialsen
Junior Export Consultant
+45 2860 4630
Dorota Knudsen
Export Consultant
+45 6020 8566
Katrine Aaby
Export Coordinator
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