10.11.2021 - 12.11.2021

Wind Energie Tage 2021 – Conference


5,900 DKK per person/company after grant

Grant still in application phase

Available seats

There are 30 available seats


Potsdam, Germany

Participating companies:

  • Øglænd System
  • Øglænd System A/S

Co-financed by:

Why Participate?

  • Meet Key stakeholders for the German aftermarket
  • 2500 participants meet for seminars and networking
  • Be part of a joint danish area and travel to Germany as a group with bus

Market info

  • Germany is still one of the leading European after-markets
  • Major focus on repowering and recycling
  • Wind power production in Germany could be doubled by 2030
Dorota Knudsen
Export Consultant
+45 6020 8566