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Top 5 markets APAC      
Installed capacity 2021                         

China            310,6 GW
India             40,1 GW
Australia       9,0 GW
Japan            4,5 GW
Vietnam        3,2 GW

Source: GWEC Market outlook 2021


APAC onshore

China will still lead the region both when it comes to on- and offshore installation.
It is expected that China will install +160 GW onshore wind from 2022 to 2026 in average 32 GW per year.

In Vietnam are they waiting for a new wind energy support mechanism and PDP8 wind targets that needs to be finalized by the government before we will see an increase in the activities

India is expected to install up to 20 GW of onshore wind in the period from now until end 2026

Elsewhere in this region, growth is expected to come from Japan, Pakistan and emerging markets of southeast Asia (mainly the Philippines, Laos, Thailand and Indonesia), as well as in central Asia (Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan).

Southeast Asia and central Asia are likely to make up 16% and 8% of the new capacity expected for this region in the next five years.

94% (or 7.3 GW) of projected new installations in the Pacific region in the next five years will come from Australia, which will continue to make Australia the key onshore wind market in this decade in the region.

APAC offshore

China will remain the largest contributor with 39 GW to be added in the next five years, followed by Taiwan (6.6 GW), Vietnam (2.2 GW), South Korea (1.7 GW) and Japan (1 GW).

Source: GWEC Market outlook 2021