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Top 5 Onshore markets   Top 5 Onshore markets 
Installed capacity 2021   Forecast 2022-2026

Germany       56 GW         Germany     19,7GW
Spain             28 GW         Spain             10 GW
France           19 GW          France          8,9 GW
UK                  12 GW          Sweden         7,5 GW
Sweden         12 GW          Finland          5,8 GW


Top 5 Offshore markets   Top 5 Offshore markets 
Installed capacity 2021  Forecast 2022-2026

UK                12,7 GW        UK                 10,8 GW
Germany         8 GW        Germany           8 GW
Netherlands   3 GW        Netherlands  4,3 GW
Denmark         2 GW        France             3,3 GW
Belgium           2 GW        Denmark         1,3 GW

Source: WindEurope

Danish Wind Export facilitates an offshore peer to peer groups, focusing on the European offshore markets:

Practical information

The group will meet 3–4 times a year.

The meetings are held in Denmark at members’ premises, usually in the period 09:00–14:00. Each meeting is facilitated by a member of the Danish Wind Export staff.

Each peer to peer group has 8–20 members. Membership does not exclude subsequent inclusion of new members from competing businesses.

Membership is personal.


Please contact:
Green Power Denmark
Rehni Lund
Member Administrator
2844 5709

Europe has 236 GW of wind power capacity installed. 12% of the capacity is offshore. Germany continues to have the largest installed capacity in Europe and UK has the largest installed offshore capacity

81% of the new wind installation in Europe  in 2021 were onshore wind. Sweden, Germany, and Turkey built the most onshore wind. The UK had the highest total new wind installations, because they account for most of the new offshore wind installations.

It is expected that Europe will install 116 GW of new wind farms over the period from 2022-2026. 75% of the new capacity additions will be onshore wind.

Source: WindEurope


Focus on UK

As UK will have the world’s largest project pipeline for offshore wind has Danish Wind Export and the Embassy of Denmark in the United Kingdom decided to make an Offshore Wind Forum, where we set focus on the opportunities within the UK and Ireland offshore wind and help you to enlarge your network and become part of the upcoming offshore and floating wind projects in the North Sea. The Forum consists of:

  • 4 delegation visits to the UK that provide access to developers, key stakeholders and public authorities within offshore wind
  • Regular updates and market insights provided by the Embassy on political movements and supply chain issues
  • Webinars on selected topics

Read more about the forum under events