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Selected other markets

Brazil                         21,58 GW
Mexico                        7,60 GW
Chile                            3,44 GW
South Africa              3,70 GW
Egypt                           1,70 GW


Annual growth in LATAM is likely to drop to 4-5 GW in the period 2023-2026 following the slow-down of installations in key markets such as Mexico and Argentina.
Colombia is projected to be the largest onshore wind market in this region after Brazil, Chile and Mexico in total added capacity in the next five years.

Africa/Middle East

It is expected that 14 GW of new capacity will be added in Africa/Middle East in the next five years (2022-2026), which is primarily driven by growth from South Africa (5.4 GW), Egypt (2.2 GW) and Morocco (1.8 GW) in Africa, and Saudi Arabia (1.3 GW) in the Middle East.

Source: GWEC Outlook 2022

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