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Top 5 Onshore States in the US
Installed capacity end 2021

Texas            36 GW
Iowa              12 GW
Oklahoma   12 GW
Kansas          8 GW
Illinois            7 GW

The average forecast calls for 93 GW of land-based wind power capacity to be built
from 2022 to 2030. Forecasts range from a low of 78 GW to a high of 127 GW.

Top 5 Offshore Wind States in the US
offshore wind procurement targets

New York             9 GW
North Carolina   8 GW
New Jersey         7,5 GW
Massachusetts  5,6 GW
Virginia                5.2 GW

Source: American Clean Power


Danish Wind Export facilitates an offshore peer to peer groups, focusing on the US market:

Practical information

The group will meet 3–4 times a year.

The meetings are held in Denmark at members’ premises, usually in the period 09:00–14:00. Each meeting is facilitated by a member of the Danish Wind Export staff.

Each peer to peer group has 8–20 members. Membership does not exclude subsequent inclusion of new members from competing businesses.

Membership is personal.


Please contact:
Green Power Denmark
Rehni Lund
Member Administrator
2844 5709

Today there are more than 70.000 turbines installed in the US accumulating nearly 136 GW of wind online to the grid located through 41 states. The industry creates more than 120.000 jobs and the number of employees is expected to be +200.000 in 2030 when offshore wind will commence in the US. Developers plan to bring over 11GW of offshore wind online by 2026 by developing 13 offshore wind projects and further 19 GW by 2030 ending at 30 GW with a job creation of more than 80.000 new American offshore wind jobs.


US Data Market Tool

Danish Wind Export, Confederation of Danish Industry, NYSERDA and other public partners have created a digital tool where you can collect data from a range of US states.

The Idea has been to design a tool that gives an overview of the most fundamental US data needed when working with establishment of the offshore wind business in the US.

The Market Tool will enable companies and US public entities to match location choice preferences and incentive structures in the market.

This will enable companies to make more informed location and expansion choices, and for American public entities to better evaluate impactful strategies to attract their target industries

The creation of the US offshore wind data tool is financed by the Danish Energy Agency (Energistyrelsen)


To the tool: Link