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09.05.2023 - 11.05.2023

Scotland Floating Wind – Delegation Tour 2023

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8.500,00 dkk for one person/company (after Brexit Grant)

14.950,00 dkk for one person/company (before Brexit Grant)

3.500,00 dkk for second person/company


*) We already got the Brexit-fund

This event is supported by the Brexit funds, where the Trade Council provides subsidies to companies, that are negatively affected by Brexit. In order to receive support and participate at the grant price, the participating companies must fill in a grant formula, which acts as a sworn statement, describing how the company has been negatively affected by Brexit. It can, for example, be that the company has experienced rising costs (for example extra employees, longer handling processes, necessary presence in UK, etc.), encountered new trade barriers, lost commercial opportunities, or directly/indirectly experienced a decline in exports to the UK.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Participating companies:

  • CNC Onsite A/S
  • COWI A/S
  • Dansk IngeniørService A/S
  • FORCE Technology
  • Hyndla
  • K2 Management A/S
  • Kanda ApS
  • Liftra ApS
  • Maersk
  • Polytech A/S
  • ProCon Wind Energy A/S
  • Roxtec Denmark Aps
  • Seasight Davits
  • Semco Maritime A/S
  • Shoreline Aps
  • Spica Technology ApS
  • Øglænd System A/S

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SOLD OUT - Please contact Dorota Knudsen if you are interested

Delegation tour with focus on the growing offshore/floating wind in Scotland

UK has the world’s largest project pipeline for offshore wind with 12.7 GW operating and a 20230 target of 50 GW of which 5 GW floating. Scotland leads the global development of floating offshore wind with the world’s largest projects:

  • Equinor’s Hywind Scotland
  • ACS Group’s 50 MW Kincardine Offshore Wind
  • Copenhagen Offshore Partner’s 100 MW projects, which is soon to be deliver

The UK is set to continue in a leadership position in offshore wind. The market is driven by a supportive environment for catalyzing offshore wind growth, with a strong government support, long-term plans, investment schemes and high focus on securing supply chains. The Scottish Government body responsible for offshore wind leasing has given out leases set to develop 11 commercial scale floating wind projects in the ScotWind round with over 15 GW of floating wind capacity.


During 2.5 day in Scotland we will pay attention primarily to the upcoming floating wind projects with specific focus on *:

  • The ScotWind projects
  • Site visit to Forth Port in Edinburgh: Scotland’s first green Freeport with expansion plans to accommodate floating wind projects.
  • Introduction to Scotland’s DeepWind Cluster: matchmaking with members of the Floating Offshore Wind Subgroup.
  • Meet the developers Scottish Power, Shell, & Blue Float: status on floating wind projects, including  need & selection process for suppliers.
  • Setting up in Scotland and market access: Scottish Development International.

*All meetings TBC



For more information please contact

Ole Hausted

Trade Council in London

+44 734 173 7277

Dorota Knudsen
Export Consultant
+45 6020 8566