Step up to the front line at the world's leading wind energy exhibitions

Danish Wind Export helps your business boost visibility, interest and sales at relevant exhibitions all over the world.

Our shared exhibition area is called “The Pavilion – Powered by Denmark” and ensures optimal positioning and maximum attraction. At many wind energy exhibitions, Pavilion of Denmark has actually become a brand in its own right and an area many event visitors prioritise highly.

When you travel the world with Danish Wind Export, you can choose between various types and sizes of trade fair stand. At the same time, you have access to solutions and services that lift a number of practical assignments from your shoulders, leaving you free to focus on your visitors. And on generating value.

Turnkey booth

A Turnkey Booth at Pavilion of Denmark is the quickest and easiest path to success at an exhibition.

Danish Wind Export takes care of the exhibition system, as well as construction and disassembly of your stand. In practice, this means the stand is ready and waiting for you to staff it and lay out your exhibition products, brochures, give-aways and so on. Turnkey Booths are available in sizes from 9 m2.

Raw space

If you prefer to design and build your own exhibition stand at Pavilion of Denmark, you can choose a Raw Space stand instead.

Under this arrangement, you simply rent the desired floor space (min. 20 m2) and take care of constructing, furnishing, running, disassembling and cleaning your stand yourself. You will need to clear the design and furnishing of the stand with Danish Wind Export in advance.

Poster stand

With a Poster Stand, we provide you with wall space for your exhibition message. We also make available around 2 m2 of floor area in front of the wall space, including a bar table where you can interact with potential customers.

You do not need to keep your Poster Stand staffed throughout the exhibition. This type of stand is perfect for new exhibitors keen to test the effect of participating in an exhibition. A Poster Stand is also the ideal choice for exhibitors who are trying out a new market and want to raise their profile a little higher than they could by simply attending the trade fair as a visitor.


A Co-exhibitor solution is the perfect choice if you would like to highlight a subsidiary, a local agent, a subcontractor or similar at an exhibition.

This supplementary service provides the extra exhibitor with independent marketing space in the exhibition catalogue. It also includes separate access passes, lunch, use of shared facilities and more.

The Danish Wind Export service pack

The Danish Wind Export service pack is included in all four exhibition options. The pack comprises a shared, staffed service area, from which Danish Wind Export assists exhibitors and their guests with refreshments, meals, events, promotions and other forms of support depending on the type and size of the event in question.